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This section outlines progress on local governance reforms in The Maldives from 2005 till October 2008. It contains reports of studies, recommendations of seminars and as well as copies of other documents. (To find out activities on local governance reforms since December 2008, please check the website localgov.) Major achievements towards establishment of local government system, during the period from 2005 to October 2008, include a constitutional chapter on local governance, draft law and election regulations on local government, and the undertaking of research and studies. Following is a  list of these activities:
  1. Review of existing regulations on Island Development Committees and Atoll Development Committees and preparation of draft regulation for proposed elected councils. Nov-Dec 2005.
  2. Study on decentralising governance in the Maldives and preparation of report, with technical assistance from UNDP. This report can be downloaded at : Doc1
  3. Community consultations on proposed regulations on councils. Dec 2005- Feb. 2006. Teams traveled to all inhabited islands and except for three islands meetings were successfully held to exchange information and ideas.
  4. National seminar on establishment of Atolls and Island Councils- 26-29 June 2006. More than 80 participated from central government offices, atoll and island administrations, non-governmental organisations, and political parties. A list of recommendations were prepared and adopted based on discussions held. A list of seminar recommendations (in Dhivehi) can be downloaded at: Doc2
  5. Draft regulation on electoral procedures of the proposed councils prepared with the participation of Commissioner of Elections. 14-24 July 2006. This draft regulation and related documents can be downloaded at: Doc3A  Doc3B  Doc3C
  6. Study visit to Kerala State (India) to observe its local government system. Minister of Atolls Development and four government officials participated in this exposure visit.  Meetings were held with Minister of Local Self Government of Kerala State, Minister of Finance, Minister of Industries and Minister of Irrigation. 16-18 July 2006. A report on this visit with information on decentralisation and capacity building in Kerala, can be downloaded from :Doc4A  Doc4B  Doc4C
  7. Visit to Philippines to study its local government system. Meetings were held with the former president Fidel Ramos and Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentel who initiated decentralisation and local governance reforms in Philippines in the 90s. They shared their experiences. In addition, the Maldives team met other key political figures, and experts active in the government and academic and civil society sector. 29 July- 3 Aug. 2006. A report on this visit can be downloaded at: Doc5
  8. Established vision and concept pertaining to local governance reforms in the Maldives. Sept. 2006. This concept note can be downloaded at: Doc6A (English) Doc6B (Dhivehi)
  9. Prepared draft bill on proposed local government system. Sept.- Dec. 2006. This draft can be downloaded at: Doc7
  10. Presentation of local government vision and concept to parliamentarians and Atoll Chiefs. 15-17 Sept. 2006
  11. Discussions held with all ministries and government offices on devolution of authorities and functions to the Atoll and Island Councils. Concept of local government system explained. 5 Oct. - 14 Dec. 2006
  12. Survey designed to identify functions and fiscal resources of the councils. This is to assess local level revenue generation capacity and develop a basis for allocating block grants to the proposed councils. 1 Dec. 2006- 28 Feb. 2007.
  13. Five officals including the Minister of Atolls Development participated in the Commonwealth Local Government Forum. 26-29 March 2007.
  14. Survey on fiscal resources of councils, conducted and data processed and results analysed. 1 April- 31 May 2007. This report can be downloaded at: Doc8A Doc8B
  15. Identified needs for administrative and managerial capacity building for island and atoll staff, in preparation for establishment of councils. Announcements made for applications and training begun. Ongoing from April 2007.
  16. Awareness raising among communities on the proposed local government legislation, during Atolls Minister's visits to the islands. April-June 2007.
  17. Visit by Secretary General, Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) to clarify areas of support and stakeholder views on proposed local government reforms in the Maldives. 12-14 June 2007.
  18. Other documents parepared include national programme on decentralisation Doc9 and inputs into national development plan regarding local governance reform Doc10.





  1. Enactment of local governance law and local election law. To download the local governance act please click Decentralization Law. For a translation of the act please click Translation. This law is based on Chapter 8 of 2008 Constitution. To read this chapter download New Constitution 2008, Dhivehi version, English Translation. To download election act please check local council election act.
  2. Revisions to local governance legislation
  3. Announcement of 184 administrative islands of Maldives- October 2010. For a list of administrative inhabited  island please click Administrative Islands of Maldives.
  4. Announcement of 189 island councils, 19 atoll councils and two city councils - October 2010. For a list of all councils please click Councils.
  5. Announcement of secretariats of local councils. For a list of secretariats please click Secretariats. For a list of  reference numbers specific to each councils, for use in official correspondence, please check Ref Numbers
  6. Determination of salaries and benefits of councilors by parliament. To download report of the parliamentary committee please click Report.
  7. Drafting of sample municipal regulations as a guidance for councils to develop their own-2010. To download these sample drafts please click Reg1  Reg2 Reg3 Reg4  Reg5  Reg6 Reg7 Reg8 Reg9 Reg10 Reg11 Reg12 Reg13 Reg14 Reg15 Reg16 Reg17 Reg18 Reg19 Reg20 Reg21 Reg22 Reg23 Reg24 Reg25
  8. Drafted sample rule of procedure for conduct of councils meetings as a guideline for the councils to develop their own.To download draft developed for island councils from Fuvah Mulah please click Sample.
  9. First local council election
  10. Oath taking ceremonies of first councilors
  11. Orientations for councilors
  12. Trainings for councilors held by Institutes of Governance and Development at Bandos
  13. Training needs assessment of councils and secretariats. To download and read the report on this assessment please click Report.
  14. Determination of boundaries of local councils
  15. Determination of formats of plans and budgets by local council. I have the initial draft formats developed; to download them please check Draft Plan Format and Draft Financial Plan Format.  To obtain the final versions of plan templates please contact Local Government Authority. To download island development plan format earlier used please click IsleDevPlan.
















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