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Since 1982, as many as twelve community development interventions have been attempted in seventeen of the twenty administrative atolls. These were described as integrated rural development or integrated atoll development projects. Whatever the name assigned, all of them attempted to enhance the ability of the communities to carry out their own development by strengthening self reliance and self-help. In addition, the strategy was to also use these projects to supplement national sectoral programs, and utilise non-governmental organisations. For an introductory brief on these programs in Dhivehi language please check this document: Dhivehi Brief



Their activities covered social and economic development areas including education, health, infrastructure development, training and skills development and facilitating earning.



As a person familiar with all of these integrated development programs I am obliged to collect relevant information and data and pass them on to those who would want to do studies on community development in The Maldives. I thank those who helped me gather this information.



I have listed the projects in the chronological order and attached important documents accessible to me that give insight into the details of project activities and their results. If you like to know more about the projects I can guide you to those involved in their management and implementation. If anyone of you have a document to share, let me know. Thanks.

  • Raa Atoll Integrated Rural Development Project (1982-1985) implemented in Raa Atoll with assistance from USAID. Total project value is US$ 559,436, a grant from USAID.
  • Laamu Atoll Integrated Atoll Development Project (1983-1988) implemented in Laamu Atoll with assistance of Redd Barna (Norwegian agency). FORUT and Redd Barna provided a grant of approximately US$ 661,000.
  • Haa Alif Integrated Atoll Development Project  (1984-1987) implemented in Haa Alif Atoll with assistance of US Save the Children. USAID and USSCF provided a grant of US$ 674,000.

    Meemu Integrated Atoll Development Project (1985-1991) implemented in Meemu Atoll with assistance from UNDP. UNDP provided a grant of US$ 424, 518.

  • Shaviyani Integrated Atoll Development Project (1987-1991) implemented with assistance from VSO. ODA and EEC provided a grant of US$863,944
  • Thaa Integrated Atoll Development Programme (1989-         ) implemented with the assistance of FORUT. FORUT and NORAD provided a grant of US$ 416,670.
  • Haa Dhaal Integrated Atoll Development Project (1991-1995) implemented with assistance from Voluntary Service Oversees (VSO). EEC, ODA Strait of Jersey, VSO and Australia are donors who provided a total grant of Bristish Pound Sterling 831, 4667.

  • Faafu Dhaalu Integrated Atoll Development Project (1991-1997) implemented in Faafu and Dhaalu atolls, by the Ministry of Atolls Development with assistance of UNDP. UNDP provided a grant of US$ 549,600. Faafu Dhaalu IADP activities





One of the most important components of most recent development projects is the establishment of credit funds in six atolls (Shaviyani, Noonu, Vaavu, Laamu, Kaafu and Lhaviyani) owned managed by atoll communities.These funds provided low interest small loans at more flexible terms compared to those of the banks. These funds established during the period from 2000 to 2005 had a total initial capital of Rufiyaa 13.3 million and by end of June 2006, 1537 loans worth Rufiyaa  34.5 million were disbursed. For more information on these credit funds please check the following table: Funds Brief


Other related development projects and studies are listed below.

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  1. Strengthening of Ministry of Atolls Development (1991-1994) implmented by Ministry of Atolls Development for its own development with assistance from UNDP. UNDP provided a grant of US$ 443,000
  2. Promoting INcome Generation and Employment in Laamu (1997-2000) implement by Ministry of Atolls Development with assistance from UNDP. UNDP provide a grant of US$ 394,200
  3. Research in Mariculture and Agriculture Project (RAEMAS Project)- 1986-1990 with assistance from William Carey International University, USA.
  4. CBO Projects : ADSL1 activities
  5. Electricity Development Loan Scheme  activities
  6. Population and Reproductive Health Advocacy  activities
  7. Regional Development Project: Phase 1 completed activities
  8. SAARC Rural Development Activities
  9. Laamu Income Generating Activities activities
  10. Public Sector Investment Programme: Community Development activities
  11. Capacity Building for Decentralisation of Atoll Development Project activities





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