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This article looks at the development of civil society organisations (CSOs) in Maldives. The Ministry of Home Affairs which has the legal mandate to register and facilitate the nurture of CSOs, is in partnership with UNDP Maldives in implementing a project to strengthen civil society organisations. Among the targets are:


  1. Establishment of a data base within the Ministry to facilitate the registration and regulation of CSOs,
  2. Development of a web-portal for enhancing the linkages among the organisations so as to facilitate information sharing and best practices
  3. Revision of  current legislative framework for CSOs
  4. Capacity building of CSOs
  5. Strengthening the institutional setup within the Ministry to register, regulation, and facilitate the development of CSOs


The assessment report (listed below) provides an assessment of the current status of CSOs in the country. The aforementioned project and plans within the Ministry of Home Affairs looks into way of making the civil society organisations active in development and governance of the country.

Following are some important documents relating to CSOs.

  1. Current law on CSOs: dhivehi version  and English translation of the act
  2. Report of recent assessment of status of CSOs in the Maldives CSOreport
  3. Draft proposal to revise existing Act on CSOs
  4. Sample format for annual report to be submitted by CSOs to the registrar 
  5. Application form for registration of CSOs 
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