I intend to build an information base to assist all those doing research and studies on the Maldives. I had difficulty in getting access to such information when I was studying abroad and I understand how much of help it could be to have such a link. 


I have already begun to collect information on socio-economic development interventions attempted in the past, in particular, integrated community development projects, and projects on development of water and sanitation, and fisheries. I will attempt to collect project proposals, completion reports, evaluation reports and activities completed under such interventions. 


In addition,  resettlement, urban development, local governance and environment protection are other subject areas I will concentrate on getting information.


The following web links are useful to understand development status of and development activities in the Maldives.


This Rural Poverty Portal link shows a list of other important links that provide status information about Maldives: 






Websites of main national international non-governmental organisations active in the Maldives





I am also looking for reports of studies on different fields. The following is a link to FAO that includes a report on sea cucumber culture.

For those interested in understanding the history and culture of Maldives these articles and links can be useful: 



If you want a map of Maldives please check this document retrieved from an official website- map of Maldives.,
















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